The Pinball Podcast – Episode 2

We’re back for our second episode! Thanks to your help we have some feedback to our sticky flipper situation, a new pinball location report, and we’re eager to discuss a new pinball machine and virtual table.

There’s not a lot happening in regards to news and events in November, but there’s always something fun to discuss in pinball. The show notes are below:


4 thoughts on “The Pinball Podcast – Episode 2”

  1. 2nd show was even better than the first. I like the technical part of it at the end, talking about issues/fixes.

    Also you mentioned the LE Tron “blue” mode. It’s called Daft Punk Multiball…great game, the lit ramps are amazing!

    I can’t wait for the new game in 2012, the Williams Hall of fame game is easily the best simulated pinball ever…


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