Two charts, one truth

So I have family in town right now and we’re supposed have a pinball party tonight. Yesterday I had issues with Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons Pinball Party, White Water, Attack From Mars, and Twilight Zone. Yeah, they came in a big fat cluster. As I worked on what I could (I’m shorthanded on some parts for some repairs), I got to thinking back, and I realized…

Both of these happen. Every time.

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3 thoughts on “Two charts, one truth”

  1. When is the next podcast coming out I love it but there should be some consistency with what date your episodes air at least with Spooky you know its the 1st of the Month – with you guys and the gameroom junkies you dont know when its coming out – I LOVE YOUR SHOW – but want a date that we can all lock in to enjoy the show each month!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Tony. I had pneumonia for three weeks, then on the night we set to record, my wife had a pregnancy emergency. Recording tonight (all things considered!), try to get back on schedule. – Don

      1. No worries Don – of course I didn’t realise that – I really hope everything is ok and good now and as I said I think your podcast is sensational and I love it , I look forward to it every month and its great to hear you and you have many fans Down Under here in Australia – keep up the good work and hope everything works out well personally and you and your wife are feeling a lot better.
        Kindest Regards

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