Pin-A-Go-Go Listener Report

TPP listener Dan Fenton attended Pin-A-Go-Go this past weekend and offered the following minireview of the show.

I was there the whole weekend and load in day as well for setup.  I think the last count was around 236 games.  It was two huge halls and a smaller EM room.  The only time the lines were long were for WOZ and Metallica no more than 6 people deep.  There were multiple “A” list titles…  2 MM, 2 MB, 3 AFM, 4 Wh20, 4 ToM, 3 AC/DC, 3 Tron’s so you get the idea.  There wasnt a CV or the p2k games but that was about it.  There was a good Doug Watson collection set up in the back where he was there signing.  I finally got to play a TS.  Jersey Jack was there.  I brought my JD that had the sigma display in it and DW.  Sold the DW and took home an amazing ToM.  What an amazing weekend.  Cheers, Dan

Thanks for the review, Dan!  Jeff and I both hope to check it out someday!

2 thoughts on “Pin-A-Go-Go Listener Report”

  1. I was there too and this was my first pinball “event” that wasn’t a tournament. It was fun and I got to play a bunch of new games like Wizard of Oz and Metallica. Actually tonight at my neighborhood bar, I ran into Donnie who did the art on Metallica. He’s actually a pinball fan too and owns a few machines.

  2. Thanks Dan, for the nice words about our humble country pinball show. Final pin count on Saturday (we had a pin counting contest for kids under 12) was 267. We had several ultra-rare pins from Spain and Italy there – hopefully you had a chance to play them.

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