The Pinball Podcast Episode 24 – Madness

Our longest show yet?  Episode 24 drags on for over three hours!  Definitely our most off-topic show, by far.

The Pinball Podcast is sponsored by NiftyLED.
The Pinball Podcast is sponsored by NiftyLED.

So yeah, we are now schilling for!  Go get some!

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3 thoughts on “The Pinball Podcast Episode 24 – Madness”

  1. Pat Lawlor was at Expo and I talked to him. He was really interested to see what Steve Ritchie did with Star Trek and was really checking the game out – maybe he’ll get inspired to get back into it now that there’s a resurgence 🙂

  2. Hey I work at a bar called Campfire Lounge and am always out playing pinball in Salt Lake. Thought I’d make you a little list.
    poplar st pub: Wizard of OZ, PoTC
    cheers to you: Mettalica
    Juniors: Fish tales
    ex wive’s place: medieval madness, sopranos, LoTR, Elvira’s scared stiff
    Pie hole: Elvira, Fish tales, Addams Family, Ripley’s….? i think ripley’s…
    Tap Room: medieval madness
    The pie: PoTC
    Duffy’s: has a game i dont currently know what it is
    Trolley wing co: Harley Davidson 3rd edition
    Atomic Arcade: night moves, BK2K, lethal wep 3, Diner dash, galaxia (not sure on name but i think that’s right. first 3 level game)
    Campfire Lounge: Addams Family, PoTC (our’s are always changing)
    Dick n’ Dixie’s: Indiana Jones (crystal skull 10000000 ball multiball one)
    Bongo: had Twilight zone it’s something else now
    hit me up if you’re ever out and about and wanna play

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