The Pinball Podcast Episode 30 – A Little Dirty Thirty

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So yeah, we are now schilling for and!  Go get some!

WE TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION GENE.  Gene X. hooked us up with some interviews from the PinPin Women’s Only Tournament and we totally forgot to mention them!  Sorry, Gene!  They’re in this episode though, so check them out at the end of the show!

4 thoughts on “The Pinball Podcast Episode 30 – A Little Dirty Thirty”

  1. A point of clarification on the various bits of Boutique pinball news that came out. Bride of Pinbot 2.0 was built on the P-ROC platform by Multimorphic. (That’s the platform created by Gerry Stellenberg who’s doing Lexy Lightspeed.) The FAST Pinball hardware platform in the WPC 2.0 announcement is from different people (Aaron Davis and crew from the Seattle area.) It’s a bit confusing because Rick at Planetary Pinball announced the WPC 2.0 stuff with FAST on the same day that he announced Dutch Pinball had secured a proper licensing agreement, but the licensing had nothing to do with the hardware.

    Dutch Pinball has not announced whether TBL will run on P-ROC or FAST. I assumed P-ROC since that’s what BOP 2.0 is running on, but who knows?

    Also for WPC 2.0, you’re actually replacing the WPC MPU board with a FAST board. It doesn’t plug into the ROM slot or anything.. it’s a whole new board. (But it uses the existing driver boards.)

    So now we have “competing” platforms, if you will. Some boutiques are using the P-ROC and some are using the FAST hardware. (And some like Ben Heck with AMH are using still another board of their own design.)

    Love the show guys.. keep it up!!!

  2. Our first ever Breakdown episode brings you more information than you require about the classic arcade hit by Atari, Tempest. This quick edition of the podcast will teach you history, gameplay tips, and how much to pay to have one in your gameroom! Enjoy, but avoid the spikers!

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