The Pinball Podcast – Episode 2

We’re back for our second episode! Thanks to your help we have some feedback to our sticky flipper situation, a new pinball location report, and we’re eager to discuss a new pinball machine and virtual table.

There’s not a lot happening in regards to news and events in November, but there’s always something fun to discuss in pinball. The show notes are below:


The Pinball Podcast – Episode 1

It’s the first episode of The Pinball Podcast. We get our feet wet with this podcasting thing and talk about a few pinball related items that have been going on recently and what we can look forward to during the rest of October. Below are some notes from the show.

Remember, we’d love to hear your location reports, suggestions for machine of the month, your ghost in the machine issues, and any feedback you’d have for the show. Use our contact form to send us a message.
Enjoy the show!

Welcome to the Pinball Podcast

The Pinball Podcast, as you’d expect by our name, is a podcast about the pinball hobby and the people who love and create pinball. We’ll be talking about pinball news, what events you should check out, where you can play pinball in your area, and much more. We’ll be recording our first episode this week and it will show up soon on this site, iTunes, Zune, and in all sorts of podcast directories.


As we record, we welcome and encourage show feedback, comments, and content submissions. We’ll even have prizes for listeners who help us out or respond to our questions to the audience.


Thanks for checking us out. We hope you’ll enjoy The Pinball Podcast.