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8 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Contest Entry: My Pinball collection ranking is 500,027 based on my 4 machines.

    Whirlwind – 29
    DemoMan – 77
    Monte Carlo (Gottlieb/Premier) – 1,000,000 [not even on the list]
    Jubilee – 1,000,001 [not even on the EM list]

    Hipster Artist,
    Ryan Claytor

  2. Hi Don and Jeff

    Putting together seminar at Pinball EXPO about Pinball Podcast wanted to know if you want to be part of it? Also wanted to know if you wanted to be part of the Press Corp? Call me 716-510-5483

    David Fix
    Pinball Expo

  3. Thanks for the free shooter rod, it’s of great quality and craftsmanship. Looks awesome.
    So anyway, there’s a guy on the detroit CL who’s been posting wanted ads for any pinball machine like 5 times a day. People flag him, naturally. Then he posted a threat to post fake ads if the flagging didn’t stop. It appears he has started, as a haunted house came up for $450. What a bummer people in the hobby do these things. Love the podcast, keep it up. (I emailed the ad anyway, just in case)

  4. Hi guys from Australia. Caught up on all the podcasts after just discovering them a few months back. Nice to hear the banter, and the occasional Aussie (attempted) accent. Small request, can you both talk at the same volume level? Seems Jeff is really loud and Don is more subtle – keeps scaring me when driving with Jeff’s booming voice coming over after a small pause. So fussy over here aren’t we? Otherwise, keep it up!

  5. Just wanted to shoot an email to you guys and say that I enjoy all your podcasts. Have been listening since the first episode. I find them all very entertaining. I linked you guys and the other podcasters to my website.

    I am trying to create a website that contains links to pinball enthusiasts, hobbyists, modders, repairs, blogs, and all about the hobby. I also needed a spot to show off my machines and mods to friends and family who want to see my line-up.

    If you can give me some feed-back of my website or add something to make it better, I would appreciate it greatly.

    Thanks for the podcasts, keep up the great work.


  6. Hi – love your show, I was hoping your guys could help me out, I’m looking for a part for my Judge Dredd machine. Looks like they don’t have the part at any suppliers online and I put an ad on pinside but so far no luck. It’s the crane cam part #03-8998. Don- I know Dredd is your favorite game so I’m hoping you have the inside scoop! I have included the the link to Marco website so you can see part. Again really love the show!


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