The Pinball Podcast Episode 8 – White Men Can’t Flip

Episode 8 is upon us and we talk about what’s been going on as we head into the summer season, we introduce a new contest, and we talk a bit of ball of a different kind. Listen to the show here or download it via iTunes or the RSS feed and start finding out what the buzz* is all about.

Here are the show notes for this month’s episode:

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*The buzz is just cheap audio hardware. We’ll get better!

The Pinball Podcast Episode 7 – We didn’t stamp our logo on it

Show number 7 is here and it’s our longest yet. We’re not sure if you should thank us or if we should be apologizing yet, but we’ll figure it out soon enough. Here’s some of what we covered in this week’s show.

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Enjoy the show!

The Pinball Podcast Episode 6 – Feedback and Flippin’

6 shows! I guess that means we’ve been at it for six months now, huh? Well, I guess there’s no reason to quit now. Take a listen as we take your recent feedback to heart and start molding the show around the things you’ve asked for. Here are the show notes:

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Pinball March Madness – 2012

We’re not too proud to skip taking advantage of the March Madness trend. We’re running a tournament, hosted at Challonge, that will come complete with prizes for the most accurate bracket predictions. You’ll notice that we have more than 64 teams. Why? Because we can. This year it’s limited to modern pinball, but if this works out well, we’ll do three brackets next year (electronic, EM, and mixed). Yeah, it’s going to be a lot of work, but it should also be tons of fun!

To print a copy of the bracket, visit:

Here are the full instructions on how to participate:

  • Visit to view and print the bracket
  • Fill out the bracket with your predictions, including the 3rd place matchup (losers of the semifinal matches)
  • Either scan or take a clear picture of your bracket, and email it to
  • Vote as the rounds open up for voting. We’ll post notices here, on RGP, Pinside, and KLOV.
  • Keep track of your bracket’s performance as each matchup is determined
  • At the conclusion, email the number of picks you got correct to
  • The highest number of picks wins a prize from The Pinball Podcast and bragging rights for a whole year! Any ties will be broken based on the most correct picks in later rounds (starting with finals, and going a round backwards as necessary). We will verify all final total claims.
  • You MUST have your bracket emailed to us before first round voting starts, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Voting will begin March 26th, 2012.
  • Have fun!

Voting will be held via email and will be a blind vote. You’re free to reveal your votes in forum threads, but it’s not required. Your votes will be sent to, and instructions on how to do so will be posted with each voting round announcement.

Once again, view/print the bracket at:

The Pinball Podcast Episode 5 – Thanks, Steve!

Episode 5 is here and we recorded just hours after learning that Steve Kordek had passed away a the age of 100. We dedicate a good portion of our show to Steve Kordek and his innovations in pinball. We’d like to thank Steve Kordek for all he has done for this industry, for the hobby, and for all of the good and happiness he brought to millions of people in the past 100 years.

Here are the show notes:

  • Listener feedback and contest winner announcement
  • New details and pricing emerge for John Papdiuk’s upcoming pinball machine release, Ben Heck’s Zombie Adventureland
  • XPin Pinball – New vendor for pinball displays (formerly under the PinScore brand)
  • Jersey Jack Update, including new art revealed – Wizard of Oz mini playfield
  • Upcoming Events
  • Featured Virtual Table – The Pinball Arcade, by FarSight Studios
  • A look back on Steve Kordek’s contributions to pinball
  • Stories about deals that got away
  • Buying tips!
  • Product review – various pinball cabinet leg protectors
  • New contest, with two ways to win.

The Pinball Arcade on YouTube

The Pinball Podcast Episode 4

Episode 4 is the first podcast of 2012, and there’s plenty to talk about! Jeff is down and out recovering from ankle surgery, and Don has been performing surgery of his own on several pinball machines. The outlook looks good for both operations, but we’re going to focus on the pinball-related ones today. Here are the show notes:

  • Featured Machine: Maverick, by Data East
  • Featured Virtual Table: Zen Pinball 3DS
  • Product Review: Keyless Locks from Mad Amusements
  • Contest: Tell us what game you think Stern is working on next (aside from the Avengers and Zombie rumors) – Two winners will receive keyless locks

The Pinball Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3 is here, and despite Jeff’s bronchitis and Don’s rainy weather, we have enough holiday cheer to get our third show out. Below are the show notes:

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The Pinball Podcast – Episode 2

We’re back for our second episode! Thanks to your help we have some feedback to our sticky flipper situation, a new pinball location report, and we’re eager to discuss a new pinball machine and virtual table.

There’s not a lot happening in regards to news and events in November, but there’s always something fun to discuss in pinball. The show notes are below:


The Pinball Podcast – Episode 1

It’s the first episode of The Pinball Podcast. We get our feet wet with this podcasting thing and talk about a few pinball related items that have been going on recently and what we can look forward to during the rest of October. Below are some notes from the show.

Remember, we’d love to hear your location reports, suggestions for machine of the month, your ghost in the machine issues, and any feedback you’d have for the show. Use our contact form to send us a message.
Enjoy the show!

Welcome to the Pinball Podcast

The Pinball Podcast, as you’d expect by our name, is a podcast about the pinball hobby and the people who love and create pinball. We’ll be talking about pinball news, what events you should check out, where you can play pinball in your area, and much more. We’ll be recording our first episode this week and it will show up soon on this site, iTunes, Zune, and in all sorts of podcast directories.


As we record, we welcome and encourage show feedback, comments, and content submissions. We’ll even have prizes for listeners who help us out or respond to our questions to the audience.


Thanks for checking us out. We hope you’ll enjoy The Pinball Podcast.