Episode 94 – Belles + Bad Movies

This week, Don and Jeff are joined by Jessica DeNardo of Belles + Chimes Portland to talk good pinball and bad movies!

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The Pinball Podcast Episode 20 – FS RARE Maverick Contact for ~~Price L@@K!~~

Episode 20 is here, and even though it’s a light news month, we still have plenty of great stuff to talk about in regards to pinball. I want to make a jungle pun in honor of Congo being our featured machine, but I got nothing. Enjoy the show!

  • Featured Machine: Congo
  • Top Five: Favorite Multilevel/Miniplayfield games
  • Virtual Pinball: Champion Pub and Whirlwind are coming to The Pinball Arcade.  ‘Pinball Rocks’ relaunches on iOS.  ‘Pinball Heroes’ coming to Vita.
  • Product Review: AC/DC Total Protection Kit from Pin-Protection